The first faux fur made by SEAQUAL fiber

The House Of Responsible Designers

Meet the first recycled and bio-based faux fur shop

Designed between Paris and Barcelona

More than 100 references delivered directly from Spain

Our Sustainable Initiatives

In today's world, the question of the use of animals by the fashion industry has become a major issue. Faux fur has always been a feel-good material inherently more sustainable than animal fur due to the fact that it can spare millions of animals, has a smaller environmental impact than natural fur and reduces the risk of pandemics linked to factory farming.

However, like all materials faux fur has its own issues that need to be resolved.

At House of Faux Fur, we believe in recycling, bio-fabrication and innovation...


Faux Fur and Luxury
Faux Fur and Luxury
"I would find it more difficult to be part of a cycle where animals would have to be killed constantly"
— Hussein Chalayan, Designer
Faux Fur and Luxury
"You can not fake chic, but you can be chic in fake"
— Karl Lagerfeld, Designer
Faux Fur and Luxury
"Faux fur is a more flexible material for a designer, allowing for more creative experimentation"
— Hannah Weiland, Founder of label Shrimps
Faux Fur and Luxury
"There are new ways to present old ideas"
— Claire Waight Keller, Former Artistic Director of Givenchy
Faux Fur and Luxury
"Going entirely fur-free as a group is just the right thing to do. We do it out of conviction for the sake of ethics and modernity"
— François Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering